Chronology/KL ACC and ODC

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Chronology: Direct Line Communications Exchanges between KL ACC and ODC

This article presents extracts from the Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 which have been selected because the content is a chronology of events related to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Each event in this chronology has been linked to a Timeline Event in the main Timeline articles on this site. This provides a cross-link or check on the well known events.

Table 2.2I - Direct Line Communications Exchanges between KL ACC and ODC

No. Time [MYT] Direct-Line Communication Exchanges
1. 0233:50 -
(See 0233:59)
KL ACC informed MAS that HCM ACC still had no contact with MH370.
MAS informed that the aircraft was still sending movement messages and providing latitude 14.90000 longitude 109.15500 at 1833 UTC [0233 MYT].
2. 0356:13 -
KL ACC initiated the call and enquired about MH370.
MAS replied: “Not yet”.
3. 0520:16 -
KL ACC initiated the call and queried MAS for news on MH370.

The Technical Captain said: “Whatever we have here suggest that the aircraft had never leave Lumpur airspace because he has failed to call Ho Chi Minh” and suggested to KL ATSC to trace back the record, voice recording and time of the positive handover to Ho Chi Minh.

KL ACC replied: “I wake up my supervisor and ask him to check again to go to the room and check what, what the last contact all this thing".

Table 2.2I - Direct Line Communication Exchanges between KL ACC and ODC
Source: Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018