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Flight MH370 Timeline: Event Colour Code

The Timeline pages collect data about events related to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. This data has been collated mainly from official sources and is presented in sequence with a short summary enclosed in a coloured panel. Each panel has a border colour and a background colour. Each colour represents something known about the event. A button in each panel links to more detail about each event.

  1. Communications Events

    Border Colour
    The border colour represents the type of transmission or observation. For example, VHF Radio or Communication via Satellite (SATCOM).

    Background Colour
    The background colour of each panel represents the type of communication. For example, voice or data.

  2. Radar Events

    Another type of information we have about MH370 is the observations by primary and secondary radar. The border colour indicates that the event relates to radar; the background colour distinguishes between the two primary radar systems - military and civilian - and also the secondary radar system used by the (civilian) air traffic control.
    As there are not many events for the Secondary Surveillance Radar or the ADS-B transponder on MH370 these events are grouped with the same background colour.

  3. Events which did not occur

    There are also events which should have occurred but did not - for example, a scheduled position report expected to be sent by ACARS over the SATCOM system. These events are highlighted with a red border.

  4. Default Colours

    Finally, since all events cannot be so easily classified, a panel with default colours has been used for 'everything else'. As the Timeline is developed or enhanced, the default panel colours may also be used temporarily.

VHF Radio Communication - Green Border
ACARS over VHF Other Data over VHF Voice over VHF
Satellite Communications (SATCOM) - Magenta Border
ACARS over SATCOM Other Data over SATCOM Voice over SATCOM
RADAR Observation or Transmission - Blue Border
Military Radar
Civilian Radar
(ATC Primary)
Event did not occur as expected - Red Border
Default colour scheme - Event Type Not Specified