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You have reached a Category Page for the topic Investigations. The Contents of this website - - have been organised into a hierarchy of Categories and Sub-categories. Category pages can be used for navigation; and are also used to index related content. Because this website is focussed on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, the top category and start of the hierarchy is MH370.

There are two types of sub-category for each topic:-

  1. sub-topics, which are identified by a header similar to this one, and
  2. sub-categories which represent instances of this topic; examples or events which relate to this topic; or lists of items which relate to this topic.

The pages which are linked to this topic are typically about the topic itself and provide background to the relevance of the topic to the loss of flight MH370.
Note that below the list of sub-categories, or pages in this category, is a navigation item (breadcrumb) which can be used to navigate up (or back) to the parent category.


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