MH370 Timeline - Initial Response/0127 MYT

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0127 MYT Saturday, 8 March 2014

This page provides details for events related to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 which occurred at or near the time of 0127 MYT Saturday, 8 March 2014.
Note: Malaysian Time (MYT) is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) plus 8 hours.
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MH370 was expected to pass waypoint IGARI at 0122 MYT. As this waypoint is also the Transfer of Control Point between KL ACC and HCM ACC, the Vietnamese air traffic controllers should have contacted the controllers in Malaysia within five minutes (at 0127 MYT) when two-way communication with MH370 was not established.

Note: HCM only notified KL ACC at 0139 MYT which was a duration of twelve minutes.

Event Details

  1. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 2.2.8 ATS Operational Issues after Last Radio Communication with MH370 and subsequent ATS Activities/Actions

    b) Responsibilities of Accepting Air Traffic Control Service Unit on Establishment of Communications

    • i) The 3rd paragraph of page 11 of the LOA between DCA Malaysia and Viet Nam Air Traffic Management (Appendix 1.1A), titled Establishment of Communication states that:
      a. “The accepting unit shall notify the transferring unit if two-way communication is not established within five (5) minutes of the estimated time for the TCP.

    • ii) Since HCM ACC had earlier received from KL ACC MH370’s estimate (as 1722 UTC [0122 MYT] for IGARI and also had not been able to establish two-way communication with the aircraft, HC ACC should have notified KL ACC by 1727 UTC [0127 MYT], i.e. 1722 UTC [0127 MYT] plus 5 minutes. Instead HCM only notified KL ACC at 1739 UTC [0139].

    • iii)The direct line coordination between KL ATCC Sector 3+5 Planner states that, at 1747:09 UTC [0147 MYT]. HCM ATCC informed KL ATCC that: “we call him many times until na…more than 20 minutes.” This shows that HCM ATCC had commenced communication search for MH370 FROM 1727 UTC [0127 MYT].

    • iv)At 1757:51 [0157:51 MYT], HCM ATCC again informed KL ATCC: “Yes sir, we officially no contact from Malaysian Three Seven Zero until now and we try on many frequencies and all the aircraft calling, no response from Malaysian Three Seven Zero.”

    • v) The 12 minutes lapse on the part of HCM ACC to notify KL ATCC could have come about by their actions to carry out communication search and thereby had resulted in their failure to notify KL ATCC by 1727 UTC [0127 MYT].
      The 12 minutes interval is derived from the timings of the two-way radio communication recording between HCM ACC and KL ACC (para 2.2.9 para. b) i) above for details.


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