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03:48:52 MYT Saturday, 8 March 2014

This page provides details for events related to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 which occurred at or near the time of 03:48:52 MYT Saturday, 8 March 2014.
Note: Malaysian Time (MYT) is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) plus 8 hours.
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KL ACC queried if HCM ACC had checked with the SANYA FIR. HCM ACC informed KL ACC that there was no response until then.

Event Details

  1. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 1.18.1 Table 1.18E ATC Activities after Notification by HCM ACC

    When KL ACC queried whether HCM ACC had checked with the Sanya FIR, HCM ACC informed KL ACC that there was no response until now.

  2. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 2.2.7 Table 2.2C - Chronology of ATC Events following the Disappearance of MH370

    KL ACC queried if HCM ACC had checked with the SANYA FIR. HCM ACC informed KL ACC that there was no response until then.

  3. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 Appendix 1.18F

    Direct Line Telephone Conversation Between KL ATCC (Sector 3+5) with HCM ATCC
    Radar direct line ringing
    Background talking by Sector 3+5 Radar Controller
    1948:46 UTC
    [0348:46 MYT]
    KL ATCCOne seven one seven (bukan aku punya) [National Language]
    1948:52 UTC
    (0348:52 MYT)
    HCM ATCCKuala Lumpur Ho Chi Minh.
    1948:53 UTC
    [0348:53 MYT]
    KL ATCCHo Chi Minh regarding the Malaysian Three Seven Zero earlier any any any news from the aircraft.
    1949:02 UTC
    [0349:02 MYT]
    HCM ATCCUntil now nothing.
    1949:04 UTC
    [0349:04 MYT]
    KL ATCCNothing aa so far because aircraft suppose to pass IGARI at time two two IGARI two two so far you negative contact at all with the aircraft.
    1949:15 UTC
    [0349:15 MYT]
    HCM ATCCStandby.
    1949:16 UTC
    [0349:16 MYT]
    KL ATCCYou check with adjacent FIR.
    1949:20 UTC
    [0349:20 MYT]
    HCM ATCCSorry.
    1949:21 UTC
    [0349:21 MYT]
    KL ATCCAah…. Hello.
    1949:22 UTC
    [0349:22 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYeah.
    1949:23 UTC
    [0349:23 MYT]
    KL ATCCYeah regarding the Malaysian Three Seven Zero earlier.
    1949:26 UTC
    [0349:26 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYeah.
    1949:27 UTC
    [0349:27 MYT]
    KL ATCCYeah is there any news (dia punya dia punya) [National Language] aircraft.
    1949:32 UTC
    [0349:32 MYT]
    HCM ATCCSorry news.
    1949:33 UTC
    [0349:33 MYT]
    KL ATCCNews you have anything about the aircraft.
    1949:34 UTC
    [0349:34 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYeah we don't have any information until now.
    1949:37 UTC
    [0349:37 MYT]
    KL ATCCYa information that aircraft supposed to pass IGARI time two two aah.
    1949:42 UTC
    [0349:42 MYT]
    HCM ATCCSorry.
    1949:43 UTC
    [0349:43 MYT]
    KL ATCCSuppose to pass IGARI one seven two two estimate IGARI one seven two two earlier.
    1949:49 UTC
    [0349:49 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYeah.
    1949:50 UTC
    [0349:50 MYT]
    KL ATCCCan you check with the adjacent FIR is the aircraft is going to Beijing.
    1949:55 UTC
    [0349:55 MYT]
    HCM ATCCAh… ah...Oh yes I, I after position naa… we have no information and no contact the aircraft at position naaa… IGARI and then about few minutes later the aircraft disappear our radar.
    1950:08 UTC
    [0350:08 MYT]
    KL ATCCThere there there is the aircraft whether whether contact with you aa… I mean aaa.
    1950:16 UTC
    [0350:16 MYT]
    HCM ATCCWe just see him on the radar screen one time and after a few minutes later disappear.
    1950:21 UTC
    [0350:21 MYT]
    KL ATCCAfter ah… after ah a few minutes later disappear.
    1950:26 UTC
    [0350:26 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYeah.
    1950:27 UTC
    [0350:27 MYT]
    KL ATCCOkay then so far you have no news about the aircraft.
    1950:31 UTC
    [0350:31 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYeah until now we ask many aircraft company or the aircraft on frequency but no response no one ah… know about Malaysian Three Seven Zero until now.
    1950:42 UTC
    [0350:42 MYT]
    KL ATCCNo one know okay actually by the routing aa after IGARI how is tracking to which FIR which FIR he will be going.
    1950:51 UTC
    [0350:51 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYeah Sanya.
    1950:53 UTC
    [0350:53 MYT]
    KL ATCCAh… aah…
    1950:54 UTC
    [0350:54 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYeah, Chinese Sanya Chinese.
    1950:56 UTC
    [0350:56 MYT]
    KL ATCCSanya Chinese can you check with them whether they are is there,
    1950:59 UTC
    [0350:59 MYT]
    HCM ATCCI asked already, I already until now no response from him.
    1951:02 UTC
    [0351:02 MYT]
    KL ATCCOkay no response okay in that case if anything you got any news on this thing because operations is asking if you got any news you give me or you just inform Lumpur.
    1951:12 UTC
    [035112 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYeah sure.
    1951:13 UTC
    [0351:13 MYT]
    KL ATCCAnd so so so the the the you have taken immediate action about the aircraft, you taken any action about the aircraft,
    1951:22 UTC
    [035122 MYT]
    HCM ATCCTaking,
    1951:23 UTC
    [0351:23 MYT]
    KL ATCCAction action what what action are you taking with regarding the aircraft,,
    1951:27 UTC
    [035127 MYT]
    HCM ATCCAah… currently we are try to coordination with Sanya about the information because the time transfer, flight level,
    1951:36 UTC
    [0351:36 MYT]
    KL ATCCAaah …
    1951:37 UTC
    [0351:37 MYT]
    HCM ATCCAnd we have information to the Sunny nothing.
    1951:41 UTC
    [0351:41 MYT]
    KL ATCCOkay okay if there is anything you advise Lumpur please aah…
    1951:44 UTC
    [0351:44 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYeah.
    1951:45 UTC
    [0351:45 MYT]
    KL ATCCOkay okay we will keep in touch thank you.
    End Of Direct Line Telephone Conversation Between KL ATCC (Sector 3+5) with HCM ATCC


  1. Inclusion of extracts from both Table 1.18E and Table 2.2C may appear to be duplication. However, the tables contain different events, and where the events are the same, the wording may be slightly different. Both versions are included for consistency.
  2. The context of Table 1.18E is the Factual Information in the Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 and the context of Table 2.2C is the Analysis section.

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