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04:25:22 MYT Saturday, 8 March 2014

This page provides details for events related to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 which occurred at or near the time of 04:25:22 MYT Saturday, 8 March 2014.
Note: Malaysian Time (MYT) is Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) plus 8 hours.
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HCM ACC Supervisor queried KL ACC on the last position that MH370 was in contact with KL ACC.

Event Details

  1. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 1.18.1 Table 1.18E ATC Activities after Notification by HCM ACC

    HCM ACC Supervisor queried KL ACC on the last position that MH370 was in contact with KL ACC.

  2. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 2.2.7 Table 2.2C - Chronology of ATC Events following the Disappearance of MH370

    HCM ACC Supervisor queried KL ACC on the last position that MH370 was in contact with KL ACC.

  3. Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 Appendix 1.18F

    Direct Line Telephone Conversation Between KL ATCC and HCM ATCC
    2025:22 UTC
    (0425:22 MYT)
    KL ATCCLumpur.
    2025:23 UTC
    [0425:23 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYeah this is Tango Alfa Supervisor in Ho Chi Minh let me talk to your supervisor please.
    2025:28 UTC
    [0425:28 MYT]
    KL ATCCOkay anything anything.
    2025:31 UTC
    [0425:31 MYT]
    HCM ATCCI want to talk about Malaysian Three Seven Zero you have any information from company Malaysian Airlines.
    2025:37 UTC
    [0425:37 MYT]
    KL ATCCNegative, negative they are still checking also that's why I am also checking with you.
    2025:43 UTC
    [0425:43 MYT]
    HCM ATCCNegative information about our Malaysian Three Seven Zero from Malaysian Airlines.
    2025:48 UTC
    [0425:48 MYT]
    KL ATCCAffirm negative, negative information from the Operation negative negative information.
    2025:54 UTC
    [0425:54 MYT]
    HCM ATCCAh okay I want to confirm the last position we have aa… contact with the aircraft.
    2026:01 UTC
    [0426:01 MYT]
    KL ATCCThe last position we contact the last position we contact that was about IGARI.
    2026:04 UTC
    [0426:04 MYT]
    Lumpur controller communicating with aircraft
    2026:06 UTC
    [0426:06 MYT]
    2026:09 UTC
    [0426:09 MYT]
    Lumpur controller communicating with aircraft
    2026:10 UTC
    [0426:10 MYT]
    HCM ATCCHello.
    2026:11 UTC
    [0426:11 MYT]
    KL ATCCHello yeah.
    2026:12 UTC
    [0426:12 MYT]
    Lumpur controller communicating with aircraft
    2026:13 UTC
    [0426:13 MYT]
    HCM ATCCThe the the Malaysian Three Seven Zero aah still in contact with you at IGARI.
    2026:19 UTC
    [0426:19 MYT]
    KL ATCCAah... Time ah... Still flying aah fly over over airspace … hold on aah hold on aah I still still aah the log book aah negative contact aah emm IGARI one seven two two aaa Ho Chi Minh has lost radar contact to aah one eight one zero hold on aah hold on the last the last position contact was aircraft was flying. [Note: controller is reading the log book] Aah I am not sure what what the last the last contact what was the time but the aircraft was I mean estimate IGARI estimate IGARI one seven two two if is there a possibility the aircraft calling you.
    2027:07 UTC
    [0427:07 MYT]
    HCM ATCCNeg negative negative.
    2027:17 UTC
    [0427:10 MYT]
    KL ATCCSo what aah... you you observe on radar you observe on radar, what time was it last observed on radar.
    2027:17 UTC
    [0427:17 MYT]
    HCM ATCCAah ... After IGARI aah... The position BITOD at BITOD after disappear.
    2027:25 UTC
    [0427:25 MYT]
    KL ATCCOoh … you you you for how how long you you
    2027:27 UTC
    [0427:27 MYT]
    Lumpur controller communicating with aircraft
    2027:29 UTC
    [0427:29 MYT]
    KL ATCCHold hold on aah…
    2027:31 UTC
    [0427:31 MYT]
    Lumpur controller communicating with aircraft
    2027:32 UTC
    [0427:32 MYT]
    KL ATCCSo you observe aah at position BITOD, so for how long you observe the aircraft at what level.
    2027:42 UTC
    [0427:42 MYT]
    HCM ATCCStandby.
    2027:42 UTC
    [0427:42 MYT]
    KL ATCCYou have any idea on it.
    2027:50 UTC
    [0427:50 MYT]
    HCM ATCCHello.
    2027:50 UTC
    [0427:50 MYT]
    KL ATCCYes.
    2027:52 UTC
    [0427:52 MYT]
    HCM ATCCAah... You said you asked about the flight level
    2027:55 UTC
    [0427:55 MYT]
    KL ATCCAh yes, when you you observe on the radar what what level of the aircraft.
    2028:00 UTC
    [0428:00 MYT]
    HCM ATCCThree Five Zero.
    2028:01 UTC
    [0428:01 MYT]
    KL ATCCThree five zero so after that once you observe the thing and then no contact at all after that.
    2028:08 UTC
    [0428:08 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYeah, no at IGARI we don't have the contact I just seen on the radar three five zero.
    2028:14 UTC
    [0428:14 MYT]
    KL ATCCOoh Three five zero.
    2028:15 UTC
    [0428:15 MYT]
    HCM ATCCAnd after BITOD so we… disappear the aircraft.
    2028:19 UTC
    [0428:19 MYT]
    KL ATCCThe aircraft disappear from the screen so you you you try to contact through relay by another aircraft.
    2028:26 UTC
    [0428:26 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYeah…. yeah sure all frequencies we have and and all aircraft but no response.
    2028:31 UTC
    [0428:31 MYT]
    KL ATCCNo response even on emergency frequency no response also.
    2028:34 UTC
    [0428:34 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYea that's all.
    2028:36 UTC
    [0428:36 MYT]
    KL ATCCYeah because Lumpur have no response so no contact even operation MAS operation aah... has no contact.
    2028:42 UTC
    [0428:42 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYeah until now.
    2028:44 UTC
    [0428:44 MYT]
    KL ATCCUntil now yes until now so.
    2028:46 UTC
    [0428:46 MYT]
    HCM ATCCOperation from Malaysia Malaysian Airlines.
    2028:48 UTC
    [0428:48 MYT]
    KL ATCCYes operation from Malaysian Airlines there is no contact with the aircraft so they try they try anything I call you and so if you have anything also you inform me okay.
    2028:58 UTC
    [0428:58 MYT]
    HCM ATCCYea…that is right.
    2029:00 UTC
    [0429:00 MYT]
    KL ATCCOkay okay take immediate action take action then okay thank you.
    End of Direct Line Telephone Conversation Between KL ATCC and HCM ATCC


  1. Inclusion of extracts from both Table 1.18E and Table 2.2C may appear to be duplication. However, the tables contain different events, and where the events are the same, the wording may be slightly different. Both versions are included for consistency.
  2. The context of Table 1.18E is the Factual Information in the Safety Investigation Report MH370/01/2018 and the context of Table 2.2C is the Analysis section.

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